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Subdivision Development Bonds Issued In House For Glendale, California Construction Projects By Top Construction Performance Contract Surety Bonds Services Broker


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Glendale California Surety Bond Broker Announces Expansion Of Subdivision Development Bonds Services

White Lion Bonding & Insurance Services is dedicated to providing personalized customer service and expertise to all our clients. With a customer-first mindset, we focus on understanding your needs and goals inside and out. We have been providing quality surety bonding services since 2008 and offer an expansive portfolio of construction contract performance bonds to meet your construction project needs.

White Lion Bonding & Insurance Services has the experience and knowledge to manage all your Glendale, California surety bond needs.

Since 2008 we have developed strong relationships with our bonding sources partners and our clients. Our expert underwriting staff is there for you every step of the process from the tiniest transactions to the most complex surety needs. We’ve developed unique and simplified construction contract surety bond programs that have streamlined the process making getting your surety bond quotes fast and easy.

White Lion Bonding specializes in serving the needs of small to large-scale constructon contractors, subcontractors and subdivison developers. Also we have in depth experiance working with all subcontrator trades including;

electricians, carpenters, masons, plumbers, painters, HVAC, concrete, grading services and landscapers.

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How Bid Bonds Work?


Bid bonds are typically issued by an insurance company (general services administration) or a bank. The contractor pays a fee to obtain this bond amount; if they win the contract, they sign it before beginning work.

Payment bonds protect subcontractors and suppliers who are not directly contracting with the project owner. If payment is not received from the contractor, then these third parties can claim the payment bond. 

Performance bonds guarantee that the project will be completed according to its specifications. If the contractor fails to complete or adequately perform the job, then the performance payment bond guarantees can be used to cover any additional costs incurred to finish it.

Contractors and project owners need to understand how these three types of bonds work. They provide a vital source of protection for both parties and ensure that payment is made in the event of unforeseen issues. By understanding how bid, payment, and performance bonds work, contractors can help ensure the success of their projects.


Types of Bonding Companies


Most surety bonding companies provide a variety of options for contractors and project owners. These include:

Bid bonds, Payment bonds, Performance bonds, Completion bonds, Grading bonds, Material Labor bonds, Site Improvement bonds, Subdivision development bonds

Choosing the right type of performance bond cost for your project is important to ensure payment is received and the job is completed according to its specifications.

It is also important to ensure you are dealing with a reputable bonding company that can provide the serrvices needed for your construction project.

Bid bonds, payment bonds, and performance bonds are all essential for any construction project. They provide payment security and guarantee that the job will be completed according to its specifications.

Understanding how these bonds work, choosing the right type of surety bond companies for your particular project, and finding a reputable bonding company are all key steps in ensuring the success of your construction project.

It is imperative to understand how these bonds work to protect all parties involved in the project. With payment and performance bonds, payment can be received even if there are any issues with payment or completion of the job. By researching different bonding companies and understanding how each bond works, contractors and project owners can ensure their projects' success.


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